Los Angeles, California


Phone: (818) 823-0566
  14 Years Rescuing and Nurturing the hurt, the helpless and the homeless,

       we specialize in unwanted critters with challenges and special needs.
 Free transportation of any livestock or any animals due to Wildfires or Floods- Call us 818 823 0566

We  Follow and adhere to All Rules, Codes and Regulations of  the Los Angeles County of California Animal Control Department.  

We can not accept dogs or cats

however, We can help find a home for your dog or cat and we work to do that  
PLEASE EMAIL US - for that assistance @ 

The farm animals will be evaluated, receive treatment if necessary and either adopted out to
conscientious, trustworthy humans, sent to an appropriate sanctuary or remain here with us
on our small ranch. 
The non-native wildlife will be nursed back to optimum health and
released back into their natural habitat.  If the animal is deemed unfit to care for itself,
we welcome it to spend the rest of its natural life here in our little sanctuary.

We are a "no kill" animal sanctuary
and never charge for any of our services.
We are not a business. We are a Rescue 

All animals are given the best medical attention, feed, housing and care
on one of our small sanctuary ranches in Southern California.


Phone (818) 823-0566


We do not solicit or accept donations, hold fund raisers, or sell any merchandise.
We are a non profit organization only. 

We do not receive any government funds or grants.
We use our own money to fund our organization
In Memoriam of our aunt - The Good Shepard - Sally Hope of "televisions Gunsmoke - 20 years"
who was a true lover of all animals

is a small 'Mom and Pop' rescue sanctuary,
operating entirely by ourselves, using our own finances.
Yes we answer the phone


We are a Licensed Animal Ambulance, licensed by the U.S.D.A #93-C-0773
ASPCA and Humane Society Members,
California Public Benefit Sanctuary License #3469754

 for Domestic and Livestock  Animals

Please take all other wild - wildlife
to a licensed, CA Fish and Wildlife approved California Wildlife Center

We have many loving animals up for adoption that need safe 
Loving Homes - Go to our face book page to see details daily and post your needs

We thank you for your compassionate support.

Red and John Carson


John Carson: Graduate Michigan State University, Zoology 
14 years experience veterinary field work: bovine, equine, caprine, ovis aries
Rehabilitation, Emergency, Triage Procedures, Transport: Four Oaks Ranch, Michigan
12 years experience: livestock and wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, emergency medical
Susanne "Red" Casey:
Animal Husbandry, Pierce College Woodland Hills, CA
Veterinary: bovine cesareans, equine surgery, caprine, ovis aries surgery/births
All Animal Medical Procedures: Four Oaks Ranch, Michigan 2000-2005
14 years experience: rescue, rehabilitation, emergency medical technician for
bovine,/equine/caprine/ovis aries/gallus/anserini/anatidae

May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door,
    And happiness be with you now and bless you evermore.  

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